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          Journal "Water&Water Purification Technologies. Scientific and Technical News" is addressed to researchers and technical experts interested in water quality, water management and water treatment issues. It publishes original researches on water quality standards and analysis, drinking and process water treatment, waste water treatment and reuse, management of water resources and sustainable development in water sector.
          Journal was established by National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" and Ukrainian Professional Water Society in 2010.
          Authors are highly encouraged to submit manuscripts in English while Russian and Ukrainian languages are also acceptable.
          International editorial board of the Journal will provide impartial peer-reviewing of submitted articles according with Journal thematic scope and following editorial ethic rules.

          101 - Ecology
          102 - Chemistry
          161 - Chemical technology and engineering

          Subscription to paper version is available online as well as desired issues can be ordered directly from the editorial office.
          Frequency of the Journal: 2 issues per year.

          Journal is approved by the Department of Qualification, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
          The journal is abstracted and/or indexed in Google Scholar, Ulrih's Periodicals Directory, Copernicus (master list).
          Since 2018 the magazine accepts articles in English ONLY.

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